Outlook for iOS – how to access Exchange Contacts

Threaded email on iOS 10 is kinda shady. So I thought I’d give Outlook a try – very nice save one thing, contacts…

Issue: Exchange contacts are only available within Outlook on iOS – they’re not available to the iOS default Contacts app as they are when using native mail. Thus – there’s no contacts for phone or text.

Solution 1: Copy your address book from Exchange/Outlook to iOS Contacts app.

  1. Settings > Accounts > Account you wish to use
  2. Advanced Settings
  3. Save Contacts to Device
  4. Confirm your account is active in Contacts

n1: This will not give you a way to access the GAL, just a copy of your personal contacts.
n2: if you have iCloud backup enabled your contacts are now being backed up to the cloud.

Solution 2: Suck it up and go back to iOS native mail.

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