Pale Ale – Top 10

Top 10 list of Pale Ales acquired through extensive testing at our back porch lab – includes American Pale Ale, India Pale Ale and  Imperial/Double Pale Ale.

India Pale Ale: Pale Ale with more hops to help preserve the ale for the long trip to supply British troops in India.
American Pale Ale: Like the original but with more flavor and variety. Big taste and bitterness with herbal or citrus flavor.
Imperial/Double Pale Ale: Like the others but (yet) more hops, more robust, more stronger…

Updated – All contenders bow down to… HOPSLAM
American Double / Imperial IPA – a 99 user rating and a 94 from the Bros.


  1. Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA
    Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, Delaware, United States
  2. Heavy Handed IPA
    Two Brothers Brewing Company, Illinois, United States
  3. Hop Slayer Double IPA
    Onion Pub & Brewery, Illinois, United States
  4. Two Hearted Ale
    Bell’s Brewery, Inc., Michigan, United States
  5. Ranger IPA
    New Belgium Brewing, Colorado, United States
  6. Alpha King Pale Ale
    Three Floyds Brewing Co. / Brewery & Pub, Indiana, United States
  7. Daisy Cutter Pale Ale
    Half Acre Beer Company, Illinois, United States
  8. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
    Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., California, United States
  9. Dreadnaught IPA
    Three Floyds Brewing Co. / Brewery & Pub, Indiana, United States
  10. Dales Pale Ale
    Oskar Blues Grill & Brewery, Colorado, United States

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