Superfish – Thematic Theme Menu Speed in WordPress

The Thematic Theme uses Superfish to manage multi-level drop-down menus. Overall this works very well but the default Superfish menu speed of “normal” is far to slow for my liking. Slow enough I feel people will miss the drops downs unless there is a visual clue the menu is expandable and if you have to explain your menu…

Options are to disable Superfish altogether (faster performance but no fancy menus) or modify Thematic’s menu code that controls menu speed. You may need to clear any WordPress caching and clear cached files from your browser when testing these changes.

Superfish jQuery information

Option 1 – Disable Superfish menu completely

  1. Open /library/extensions/header-extensions.php
  2. Move to the Head Scripts section on line 545 – ‘function thematic_head_scripts()’
  3. Move to the Superfish section “// load jquery and superfish… “
  4. Comment out lines 554, 555 and 556 by placing // in front of each line

Option 2 – Modify Superfish menu speed

  1. Open /library/extensions/header-extensions.php
  2. Move to the Thematic Javascript Options section on line 562 – ‘$thematic_javascript_options = array’
  3. Change the Speed value on line 572 from ‘normal’ to ‘fast’ – ‘speed’ => ‘fast’, // speed of the opening animation. Equivalent to second parameter of jQuery’s .animate() method

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