Thunderbird to Outlook

I switched from Thunderbird to Oulook 2003 today.

Why o why do I always start these projects… What a PITA. oh yeah I’m a geek who loves to playandI get bored with apps and want to try new ones. …and I wanted Calendar and Windows Desktop search to be able to search my email and I wanted pretty blue Prozac colors (right…). Oh and I might be stupid too.
I switched from Outlook to Thunderbird a year and a half ago for it’s superior IMAP support which I no longer use cause my host Site5 doesn’t support IMAP folders.


Method used:
This requires each and every folder using a tool, then copying to Outlook Express and then importing to Outlook. All went well except emails that were perfectly fine in OE cametooutlook with the exact date and time of the import, several hundred.

When finished in Outlook: “14657 of 14657 messages imported.”

Tried: Barca mail which imports Mozilla mail directly, but the client is so so, doesn’t appear to handle multiple accounts as well as t-Bird and it costs $60.

Multiple Accounts
Thunderbird handles multiple accounts way better allowing for each account to have it’s own top level folder and sub folder hierarchy, no filters necessary. Outlook requires filters diercted to manually created subfolders, there is zero recognition of individual accounts in the folder views. Lame, but heys it’s built for exchange not some dork with 12 internet POP mail accounts.

Lets see how long I can survive with Outlook :)

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