Windows 7 deployment with Microsoft Desktop Toolkit

Steps to deploy Windows 7 Beta with MDT 2008

  1. Download Windows 7 Beta and extract files from the ISO – I use 7zip
  2. Upgrade to MDT 2008 Update 1 if you’re not already running it
    1. Via Components Update to WAIK 1.1 which will also download WinPE 2.1
  3. Launch Deployment Workbench
  4. Add a new Operating System under Distribution Share
    1. OS -> New
    2. Choose “Custom Image File”
    3. Browse to the “Sources” folder of your extracted Windows 7 ISO
    4. Select “Install.wim”
    5. Choose option 2 “Copy Vista or 2008 setup filefrom the specified path” and browse to your extracted ISO files.
    6. Name it
    7. When done you’ll see four Windows 7 Flavor OS’es
  5. Add a new Task Sequence for Windows 7 –
    1. ID and Name= whatever you like
    2. Template = Standard Client Sequence
    3. Choose your OS – Windows 7 Ultimate
  6. Go to Johan’s site (duh – as always!) and read this
    1. I followed step 1 and 2. 3 I didn’t need because I’m not messing with user data
    2. Step1 “ZTISupportedPlatforms.xml can be found in your \Scripts folder of your distribution point.
    3. Step 2 “Unattend.xml” edit via the Properties of your OS Task Sequence for Windows 7
  7. I booted a ThinkPad T42 off my LiteTouch ISO and viola, Windows 7.

Windows 7 is running like a champ on my Thinkpad T42 1.7ghz single core with 1gig of RAM and 32meg Intel integrated video. I’m looking for ward to Windows 7!

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