Windows Screenshots

alt keyDear people hear me and hear me now.
Next person sends me a 9meg “screenshot” is getting signed up to the Ron Paul contributors list.

PrtScn takes a screenshot of your entire display.
Unless you hate someone do not send them the results of this action.

Alt + PrtScn takes a screenshot of the current active Window.
This is the action of an enlightened soul.

Macs… this is why macs lost to windows. Print Screen makes a sound like a camera shutter. WTF? Especially lame because Mac doesn’t put the snap on the paste board, but stores a pict file in a secret location that you have to find. PrtScn and Solitaire, pretty clear why Microsoft won the war…

Bonus rant – Microsoft Word is not required to send a screenshot, seriously, I’m not kidding. Try an image editor like the one you play with but could never figure out what it’s for – MSPaint.
Start -> Run -> type mspaint -> hit enter -> paste -> save as 24bit BMP, or JPG.

Thats my rant, don’t like it I’ve got a three finger salute for ya…