ZZ Top

That Little Ol’ Band from Texas – The Pre MTV Years when they rocked.
Warning – These are not the original recordings. When these Albums were release on CD they were remastered adding “Digital Echo”, most notably to the drums. There are also subtle differences in vocals and guitar in places. ZZ Top’s manager Bill Ham is reported to be the mastermind behind this destruction of the original recordings and sound. I’ve been unable to find any official documentation on what led to the changes and who approved them or the opinions, consulting, input on the re-mastering from the band – Frank Beard, Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill. A true tragedy as they are not an improvement in any way shape or form. The sad part is unless you have the original vinyl it’s all you can get…. anyone out there who can convert the ZZ Top analog catalog to digital?

ZZ Top – Complete Discography

ZZ Top – First Album
Year: 1971

ZZ Top – Rio Grande Mud
Year: 1972

ZZ Top – Tres Hombres
Year: 1973

ZZ Top _Fandango
Year: 1975

ZZ Top – Tejas
Year: 1977

ZZ Top – Degüello
Year: 1979

ZZ Top – El Loco
Year: 1981

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