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FAST Race Products shopping cart launched

Fast Race Products

FAST Race Products shopping cart conversion and upgrade project. The customer liked the control and back-end functionality of CS-Cart over Miva for a prior site I’d done. Lets do it again!  Existing Miva Merchant 5 shopping cart migrated to new host and CS-Cart 4. Convert database from Miva to CS-Cart, custom theme, migrate email, DNS & […]

Bucky Halker v3.0

Bucky Halker Website

Another rainy day website upgrade brought to you by strong coffee. Customized the standard WordPress Twenty Ten theme. Folksinger, writer, rocker, scholar, labor songster, alt-country twanger…

Guatemalan Imports – Lucia’s Imports

Lucia's Imports - Guatemalan Wholesale

Rainy weekends hot coffee and CHIRP Radio, perfect for upgrading websites. Lucia’s Imports version 3.0 – upgraded the shopping cart to CubeCart 5.0, new custom skin, database whacking, complete rebuild… anyone needs Guatemalan wholesale imports ring up my cousin Teresa!

Going to California – on a big jet plane…


Photo log of a two week trip to deploy our 8th grade Algebra book on iPads. 400 devices deployed for a one year pilot in Riverside, Fresno, Long Beach and San Francisco. First ever Algebra book on a mobile device. I Left my family on a holiday for the two week trip. Started media events in […]

ITMU 3 – deploying patches with SMS 2003 SP3


Patch process using ITMU v3 and SMS 2003 I’m patching end user clients only (no servers) only and this process accommodates a business requirement to patch machines but not force a reboot for 4 days. Install patches use SMS Notification of the need to reboot. About 65-70% of users reboot within 1 business day. Notification Nag […]

Internet Explorer 7 wish list for SP1


As a user – I started out with Mosaic and then moved to Netscape as my primary browser. Then IE5 came out. IE3 was lame, IE4 was okay, IE5 was a sign Microsoft had finally realized the Internets actually did impact their business. I dumped Netscape (NN 4 was their last useful browser and it […]

CMI Business Communications

“can you operate the DOS prompt?” The day I started at CMI business Communications was the day I dropped almost 20 years of dabbling, schooling and professional work in the field of Photography. They didn’t want to hire me, weren’t going to hire me. I wasn’t qualified in any sort of way. They didn’t call […]

MCL Cafeteria

Ooooh oooh that smell, Cant you smell that smell… MCL (apologies to Lynyrd Skynyrd) MCL was my first real job. I washed dishes. I could barely reach the rack above the feed of the washing machine. Steam was rising, food was baking and there was something decidedly different about the workforce. The man I was […]

Gamma Photo Labs

My first job in the big city My first job in the big city fresh out of art school. Working down in the Chicago art district for Gamma Photo Lab at 314 Superior. Riding the El to work, lunches in the art district. Cool! Ever spend time in a totally dark room with bubbling 101 […]