A brief history of Windows PCs

Your computer is what’s often (derogatorily) referred to as a “WinTel” machine on which the software is dominated by Microsoft Windows and the hardware is dominated by Intel. Intel was founded by three unhappy Fairchild Semiconductor employee’s. Microsoft was founded in 1975 by some serious computer geeks… see pic below.

The Microsoft Windows operating system is a GUI (Graphic User Interface) based operating system. The GUI was invented in the early 70’s at the Xerox Parc research facility, later to be snagged by SteveJobs for the Apple Macintosh system in 1984. Microsoft and Bill Gates borrowed heavily from the Macintosh to introduce it’s first GUI OS (Operating System) in 1990, Windows 3.0. Macintosh would later sue Microsoft for “stealing” their “look and feel”, which of course they had stolen from Xerox. The Windows operating systems has grown and matured thru Windows 3.1 (1992), Windows NT 3.5 (1994), Windows 95 (1995), Windows NT 4.0 (1996), Windows CE (1996), Windows 98 (1998), Windows 2000 (2000), and Windows XP (2001)

Microsoft Corporation 1978

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