Apple Safari for Windows

Apple Safari for Windows - Blow me

I’ve been tired of the constant iTunes updates for some time. DRM updates, iPhone updates, more iPhone updates, Quicktime (iTime?), iWank, iShank, iSpank… 40megs, 60megs, 80megs, reboots… oh and actual updates for iTunes. So when I logged in to find Apple wanted to push me Safari as an update? Safari? As an Update? Say what!?

For a music player I use Songbird –
“Songbird is a player and a platform. Like Firefox, Songbird is an open source, Open Web project built on the Mozilla platform. Songbird provides a public playground for Web media mash-ups by providing developers with both desktop and Web APIs, developer resources and fostering Open Web media standards, to wit, an Open Media Web.”

And iUse Zune cause like I own a Zune player.

and I browse with Firefox and Internut Exploder.

Man it’s great getting to complain about kickass free software…..

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