BigSmall – Website Design

Various websites I’ve built and hosted below – details at BigSmallweb
Asset Management software demo and free download here: Asset Management

Edward Fisk – American Modernist

Edward Fisk – Modernist Painter

Asset Management – tool I built in Dreamweaver to track computer assets at my job

Asset Management Database – Free Download

Lucias Imports – Stared with CubeCart, running on CS-Cart

Lucia’s Imports

Nancy Ash Fisk – Ceramic artistry

Nancy Ash Fisk

Bucky Halker – Musician

Bucky Halker v3.0

FAST – eCommerce

FAST Race Products shopping cart launched

Northbrook Velodrome – did this website from 1996-2015

Ed Rudolph Northbrook Velodrome

Signature Ensemble – Musician

Signature Ensemble – Musician

Nijman Franzetti – Law Firm

Nijman Franzetti – Law Firm


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