CMI Business Communications

“Can you operate the DOS prompt?” The day I started at CMI business Communications was the day I dropped almost 20 years of dabbling, schooling and professional work in the field of Photography. They didn’t want to hire me, weren’t going to hire me. […]

MCL Cafeteria

Ooooh oooh that smell, Cant you smell that smell… MCL (apologies to Lynyrd Skynyrd) MCL was my first real job. I washed dishes. A wee lad at just 4’10” I could barely reach the rack above the feed of the washing machine. Steam was […]

Gamma Photo Labs

My first job in the big city My first job in the big city fresh out of art school. Working down in the Chicago art district for Gamma Photo Lab at 314 Superior. Riding the El to work, lunches in the art district. Cool. […]