I’m an animal

I realized exactly what is was I liked about sports right after executing a near perfect Cyclocross dismount in front of three Chicago city workers who were adding a drainage ditch to the Des Plaines River Trail.
I was smoking along on a short power ride in wild 88f October weather when I saw a crew with trucks and killdozer blocking my trail. Without slowing down more than enough to scan the approach I dismounted hopped a parking block hit hopped a 4ft ditch hit hopped a small 6″ downed tree hit, mounted and fired right back down the trail. As I snapped back in and powered off getting back to full speed rhythm I realized. I hadn’t done that but a few times in the last few years, how the heck did I just do that? And then it hit me. “never over think the situation”. Sport is primal. Sport is in instinct. I saw the gap I analyzed somewhere in the nether regions that doesn’t require intellectual euro thought process and I jumped like a frickin deer. Boom I new everything without ever having to think about it.

g.fisk - Lake Michigan
g.fisk – Lake Michigan