Useful WMIC Queries Computer Info

Windows 10

I lookup a lot of computer serial numbers for warranty status and driver updates, WMIC via the command line is  quick and easy way to get that info. It’s below with a small collection of other potentially helpful WMIC queries.

User SID
wmic useraccount get name,sid
Serial Numberwmic bios get serialnumber
BIOS Versionwmic bios get smbiosbiosversion
BIOS Infowmic BIOS get Manufacturer,Name,SMBIOSBIOSVersion,Version
Computer infowmic csproduct get vendor, version
Computer infowmic computersystem get model,name,manufacturer,systemtype
OS Infowmic OS get Caption,CSDVersion,OSArchitecture,Version
Memory Infowmic MEMORYCHIP get Capacity,DeviceLocator,PartNumber,Tag
Networkwmic NIC get Description,MACAddress,NetEnabled,Speed
Disk Infowmic DISKDRIVE get InterfaceType,Name,Size,Status
User Accountswmic USERACCOUNT get Caption,Name,PasswordRequired,Status



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