Windows Photo Gallery – Color Issue

Do your photos display with an odd brownish orange tint in Vista’s WPG – Windows Photo Gallery but look fine in any other program? Yeah me too. The issue appears to be the default ICC Color Profile Vista chooses for for video display device. In my case a perfect match appeared to have been chosen for my Dell 1907FP monitor – LCD color management and conversion – 1907FP.ICM.

The solution was to simply Remove the ICC Profile. Doing so caused no other issues I’ve noticed.

  1. Check image in another program to confirm the color issue is with WPG
  2. Open Control panels
  3. Open Color Management
  4. Highlight the “Default” ICC Profile
  5. Click “Remove”
  6. Close Color Management
  7. Close WPG
  8. Re-open an image in WPG and it should appear as expected

Problem – brownish tint images
Windows Photo Gallery color issue

Solution – remove ICC Profile from Color Management
Windows Photo Gallery ICC Profile

Result – I can see clearly now..
Windows Photo Gallery perfect color!

3 thoughts on “Windows Photo Gallery – Color Issue

  1. Thank god someone posted something about this. I’m a web developer and this was driving me nuts for the past week trying to figure out why everything is BROWN.

    Thanks for the help man.

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