The Vista

“The Vista”
So I was talking to HR Block Tax Cut Business tech support (i.e. a nice lady with some docs to read from) because their product refuses to launch for me “you must have Internet Explorer 6 or higher installed”. I apparently have an MSXML issue on my machine that neither I nor her docs could repair. I was running v4 and v6, her docs said to install v3. We started from scratch, registered DLLs etc. My case has been escalated. During the course of the call the support tech asks me…

  • “what operating system do you have”
  • “XP SP2”
  • “Oh good, “The Vista” causes a lot of trouble for us”
  • “oh really” (and then she informs me…)
  • “yes… at our church a member records all sermons and gives out copies to our Church members, he’s been doing it for several years. Well he bought a new computer and it had “The Vista”. “The Vista” won’t let him make copies of his videos, it says he doesn’t have rights or something. It’s horrible…”

“The Vista” protecting god fearing citizens from themselves. How much are people paying for that?

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