Asus Zenbook UX32VD – Memory Upgrade

Upgrade memory on an Ultrabook!? Yes it’s true! You can also upgrade the 500gb 5400RPM SATA + 24gb onboard SSD hybrid hard disk as well. The Asus Zenbook UX32VD is one rockin little laptop.

The build I purchased shipped with “4gb memory” but in reality shipped with 6gb as there are 2gb onboard with a 4gb chip in the available and accessible memory slot. On an Ultrabook… heh heh. So upgrading to 8gb gave us 10gb of RAM!

Whats needed to upgrade the memory (or hard drive)

  1. Memory – 8 or 16gb PC3 12800
    I used Corsair Vengeance 8GB DDR3 1600MHz from $75.00
  2. Screwdriver – TORX T5 socket .055″, 1.42mm
    I used Husky 8-IN-1 Torx Screwdriver Set from Home Depot $6.00
  3. Time – ten minutes
  4. Skill level – Ability to operate a small screwdriver, see and handle small screws

Steps to replace the memory

  1. Unplug the power adapter
  2. Place laptop upside down on a towel or clean surface (to prevent scratching or damage)
  3. Remove the bottom shell – by removing all twelve (12) T5 Torx screws
  4. Remove the bottom shell – Mild force needed where sticky tape is holding the shell
  5. Locate the memory – large silver rectangle located in center back
  6. Remove current memory – Spread the memory module clips and pull out the memory chip
  7. Insert new memory – locate the alignment slot on the chip and align to the empty slot on the board. Push in at a roughly 45 degree angle until firmly seated, press down until the memory module clips snap closed
  8. Replace the bottom shell – replace all screws with a few turns
  9. Check the seating of the lid by gently pressing down on all four edges
  10. Firmly tighten all twelve screws until snug
  11. Flip the laptop over and boot – first boot will take longer than normal as the BIOS re-configures for the memory change
  12. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Asus Zenbook UX32VD – Memory Upgrade

  1. 16GB will not work, as Intel cores are limited to 8GB per slot. Since it’s a dual-core you can have up to 2 DIMMs, each at 8GB… since only 1 DIMM slot is available, this system will max out at 10GB (2GB + 8GB)

  2. This guy did the upgrade with 8GB stick. In case anyone tried with 16GB, please can you confirm whether the laptop works? 16GB DDR3 modules are not common and are rather expensive, so I would like to know for sure before I buy. Thanks.

    I have seen everywhere that up to 8GB modules are supported, but the CPU is for sure supporting up to 32GB.

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