Asus Zenbook – BIOS Setup F2

Problem: The Asus Zenbook UX32VD manual states to press F2 at startup to access the BIOS Setup Utility – this will not work if your computer shipped with Windows 8.  New computers shipping with Windows 8 use UEFI Firmware and the Asus instructions are written for pre Windows 8 legacy […]

poMMo Survives!

The excellent Mass Mail software poMMo has served me well on a couple of websites over the years. Unfortunately primary development ceased in 2008. That bit me recently when my web host moved to PHP 5.3 and poMMo started generating errors – set_magic_quotes_runtime() and Ajax […]

Internet Explorer – Sync Bookmarks

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox both allow for syncing bookmarks natively. Internet Explorer does not. Well McGyver wouldn’t give up and neither should you! Sync Internet Explorer Bookmarks with SkyDrive Install SkyDrive (or DropBox, Box etc) on all involved computers Create a folder called “Favorites” in […]

Index PST files – Windows 7

You can search local Microsoft Exchange PST email archives easily from within Outlook but you may also want to search multiple PSTs at once or (I keep my email archives by year) include PST files in the results of a standard file system search. The following steps get it […]

SkyDrive – finally!

Microsoft has rolled out a new SkyDrive Preview accessible on Windows, Mac and Mobile platforms with computer sharing, 25gb free storage and unlike past efforts in this space appears to be a solid, coherent, usable release (see past article Dear Microsoft – SkyDrive, Sync, Mesh… Seriously? ) […]

Windows 7 – install from USB drive

Install Windows 7 from a USB stick – easy right? Just download the Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool and follow the incredibly easy steps. Well that didn’t work for me and apparently quite a few others. Interesting as Microsoft was “forced” to make the tool publicly available after it was revealed […]

Local Domain – Mac

Setting up a private, internal or test network and have Mac clients? Do not use .LOCAL! I setup my Windows 2008 domain as .LOC – worked like a charm and my Mac clients were happy. Starting with Mac OS10.2 Macs use .local for Bonjour hostnames. […]

Mac malware evolves

Mac users have once again been reminded not to be complacent about the malware threat, with the discovery that cybercriminals have enhanced an existing Trojan horse to disable the rudimentary anti-virus protection Apple has built into Mac OS X. Despite the growth of Mac […]

Losing the HP Way

I, Cringely » Blog Archive » Losing the HP Way – Cringely on technology. “American firms have been laying-off their engineering staffs for years. In today’s world of MBA-managed companies, R&D is perceived as not being a good use of money. Apple is an […]

Are Internet Explorer users dumb?

(CNN) — Are users of other Web browsers smarter than the people who use Microsoft’s Internet Explorer? A new survey doesn’t quite say so. But it sure as heck suggests it. The survey by AptiQuant, a Vancouver-based Web consulting company, gave more than 100,000 […]

Hackers Are Everywhere. Panic!

“I think the number of recent hacks and the amount of news coverage on these attacks is suspicious. Could they be false flag events to help the government regulate the Internet? …” Read the full story –  Hackers Are Everywhere. Panic! | John C. […]