Convert Audio or Video File with VLC Media Player

Issue: You possess an audio or video file that will not play on your favorite device or software.
Solution: VLC Media Player!
What is: VLC Media Player… other than awesome!?
Download: VLC Media Player for Mac, PC or Mobile

Steps to convert an audio or video media file with VLC Player

  1. Open the VLC player – Click Media > Convert/Save
  2. Click Add to pick your file to convert
  3. Select the media file you want to convert
  4. Click Convert/Save
  5. Under Settings choose the Video or Audio Profile you wish to convert your file to
  6. Navigate to the location you want to save to and type a file name, click Save
  7. Click Start to convert your file!


One thought on “Convert Audio or Video File with VLC Media Player

  1. Hi guys
    Great program thanks HEAPS. !!!

    One thing though – my GoPro camera often records video but the audio is out of sync with a few milliseconds delay so my videos keep looking like a Bruce Lee movie lol
    Yet when I play the videos through VLC they’re perfectly timed so I’m wondering is there anyway I can open the out of sync video / audio file in VLC media player and then just save it to my folder so it saves with he perfectly corrected video to audio syncing ?

    If so, which profile would I use to for video / audio suitable for YouTube etc ?
    H.264 + MP3 ( MP4 ) or or the .265 etc ?



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