Point Bonita ride

I had one day off on a two week work trip and I wasn’t going to waste it. I almost did. I went to an 80’s themed party Saturday night with an old college friend. Lets just say I generally drink beer not Sex on The Beach all night long, and when beer runs out I generally don’t take advice from Crocodile Dundee to pour straight Vodka into my cup. I woke up and decided I was going immediately or never, grabbed my 5th straight bagel n cream cheese and cup of coffee breakfast from my Hotel Sunday morning and hit the road. Priceless. 70 degrees, freshly rented mountain bike with suspension, Golden Gate Bridge, ocean, trails, riding on closed roads….

iPhone 4 photos
Thumbnails: http://www.gfisk.com/gallery/going_to_california?page=3
Pics start here: http://www.gfisk.com/gallery/going_to_california/IMG_0952

The route:

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