Remove CS-Cart branding – CS-Cart v4

Locations to remove CS-Cart branding and links from your CS-Cart store (that I’ve found).

Quite frustrating for the purchaser of a product to have to perform a mining expedition to remove branding and links for the company you’ve just paid. I hope Simbirsk Technologies will address this issue with a universal Company Name in future releases or by documenting all the locations to remove their branding and advertising.

  1. Settings > Company (I thought I was done here – LOL!)
  2. Settings > General > Default Location (for Invoices?)
  3. Store Name at top left of all pages > Information section > Vendor Name
  4. Layouts > Main > Block > Social Links (FB and Tweeter – not controlled by Language)
  5. Layouts > Main > Block > Copyright (controlled by language)
  6. Layouts > Main > Block > About > Name & content (controlled by block title & text)
  7. Layouts > Main > Homepage > tiny little gear icon next to title (that you had no idea existed) changes home page title, meta description & meta keywords!!
  8. Marketing > Mailing Lists > Mailing List 1 – this is active by default at Registration and Checkout.
  9. Administration > Languages > Translations > cart_info  (this is the title of your Sitemap)
  10. Administration > Languages > Translations > copyright_shopping_cart  (footer copyright)
  11. Administration > Languages > Translations > product_link (powered by footer link)
  12. Administration > Languages > Translations > 50 other instances of “CS-Cart” that I have no idea if they’re public or not…

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