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The most beautiful Derny Race you may ever see

Scattante CFR SE

The Legendary Lightness – World Full Of You (Official Videoclip) Music by The Legendary Lightness Directed and edited by Adrian Winkler Photographed by Simon Huber and Mario Winkler Color Grading by Christian Müller Production: PiXiU Films, Laurin Merz Supported by Migros-Kulturprozent

Scattante – Good deal?

Scattante CFR SE

Yeah yeah, I scoffed too. Scattante? Performance Bike? But if you’re like me and not being paid to ride….. I’d been getting in shape and didn’t think my 25yr old PUCH steel SLX frame with components from anywhere and everywhere was properly motivating me. I could have resurrected my awesome Steelman frame from my last […]

Tour De France 2013 – Nairo Quintana

Every day the Tour De France generates a new story line, a new hero, a new winner, a new looser and someone who came just short of writing themselves into the history books with an epic ride. After 19 stages, 2,032 miles and two straight brutal mountain stages the 2013 Tour De France set off […]

Compact Gearing

I think compact gearing exist’s so recreational riders aren’t running mid to low gears leaving them forever feeling inferior. Look over hear ma, I’m crunching the big stuff! Either that or a compact crank and compact gearing are more efficient and you can move up to bigger gears when your power or the terrain calls […]

Crack n Fail – Cannondale rebuild retro

Broke my 4th Cannondale frame last spring. Sudden tire rub indicated I had broken spokes or a bent rim. I tried truing the wheel but suddenly noticed a gaping whole in the drive side chain stay. Hmmm I don’t think that’s supposed to be there!  So naturally I went online looking for another Cannondale to […]

A Sunday In Hell

Paris Roubaix is arguably the greatest one day cycling race in the world. Jørgen Leth captured the race, the riders and professional cycling itself in his 1976 classic A Sunday in Hell. The movie is hard to come by these days but DA Films has it available in three formats – streaming, AVI download and […]


Video - Bolex

‘BOY,’ written by British Airways Great Britons winner Prasanna Puwanarajah is a moving short film starring actor Timothy Spall and was inspired by the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Standing Start

Video - Bolex

A unique insight into a champion’s adrenaline and drive as he trains for the Olympics. Maclean’s heroic cycling is set against the story of Odysseus, creating a heart-stoppingly rich portrayal of man.

The Perfect Athlete

The Perfect Athlete from Duncan Elms on Vimeo. Australia is a land of champion athletes. But when it comes down to it, few of us have any idea about what it takes to produce a world-beating result… Kirk Docker deconstructs the machine that is Shane Perkins, Australia’s fastest track cyclist. Produced for the ‘Hungry Beast’ […]

Dublin Ride

Dublin Ride to Howth

Spent five days in Dublin for work, had Sunday off and went for a ride! Similar to an epic ride in San Francisco I followed the strict regime of staying up late for  intensive liquid carbo loading, getting up early and hitting the most local looking hip bike rental shop. That would be Neill’s Wheels in […]

Chris Horner – Stage 7 2011 TDF

#sad – my man for this years tour 39 year old mountain goat and crazy man Chris Horner involved in 46mph crash that took out several riders. Broken nose, concussion and his 3rd? crash in 2 days. It’s been a bloodbath the last 4 days. Last man standing wins? Video of Chris finishing. Scary stuff […]

Point Bonita ride

I had one day off on a two week work trip and I wasn’t going to waste it. I almost did. I went to an 80’s themed party Saturday night with an old college friend. Lets just say I generally drink beer not Sex on The Beach all night long, and when beer runs out […]

Monster Wheels

Want to win the single speed world championship, this is how you roll…

One pedal stroke at a time…

The Church of the Big Ring is back in session, hopefully I will be faithful in attending weekly. The pastor welcomed me back with open arms and then promptly reminded me of my sins. Yes I was back on the bike for the second weekend in a row. Thankfully with age I’ve learned not to […]