Indoor Cycling Training – Tacx Galaxia Rollers

My good ol steel drum rollers up and blew apart after 22yrs of sweating in front of a fan, headphones cranking power tunes.  Not bad at all but time to shop for a new set of rollers to keep my indoor training rolling – gotta stay at least mildly fit over the long winter!

Stationary trainers don’t provide any motion, action, balance or skill. Rollers rock. Tacx  Galaxia rollers go the extra step and also roll, literally back and forth.

The rollers arrived in excellent packaging from the manufacturer. Assembly was relatively easy and obvious. Changing the length is a bit tedious with a dowel pin mechanism that you have to click about ten times. Once setup – oh. my. god. Smooth like low resistance butter, quiet and holy hell they rock back and forth with you! It’s an awesome feeling – tight and smooth for normal roll, adaptive rocking but yet smooth when powering. I’m loving these rollers!

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