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Koken is back – Image Gallery Software


When my favorite photo gallery software Gallery closed up shop after 14 years I was faced with the decision to migrate to a photo community like 500px, photo hosting sites like Zenfolio, Photobucket or SmugMug, or a major corporate hosted solution like Yahoo’s Flickr. There’s an endless amount of free and paid hosting services these days and new […]

How To Setup A LAMP Website on VPS Server

My photo website’s excellent software Gallery had gone end of life and was no longer supported. I used the opportunity to explore new software, Koken, and move from shared hosting to my first VPS – Virtual Private Server. I’ve hosted development websites on Windows and Linux, and setup many many websites using shared hosting from Site5 and other […]

New Orleans – Frenchmen Street – Bourbon Street

Windows Phone

Pics from two quick two night trips to New Orleans. I’d never visited, now twice in month for the NCTM and IRA conferences at the New Orleans Morial Convention Center. One over a weekend that had me missing my daughters return from School and Mothers day. Bourbon Street was an experience as you’d expect. The mood, music, open containers, […]

Worlds First Digital Camera

From PetaPixel – “If you’re a digital photography buff, here’s some required trivia knowledge: what you see above is a photograph of the first digital camera ever built. It was created in December 1975 by an engineer at Eastman Kodak named Steve Sasson…” Read more here:  

Nokia Lumia 1020 Camera – wow

Nokia Lumia 1020 camera test

New smartphone day! First let me say that I have an iPhone 5 for work and love it, great OS, the best ecosystem, pretty much flawless functionality, we can talk about iTunes and lack of storage access another time. Camera wise the iPhone 5 has been excellent and a great step up from the iPhone […]

Eddie Pepitone – Lincoln Lodge

alt key

Eddie Pepitone before going on stage at the Lincoln Lodge – “I hope I’m funny”. Oh he was,very. The Lincoln Lodge (Lincoln Restaurant) what an interestingly strange place to see a show. The nations longest running independent comedy club at 14yrs was in the back of the Land of Lincoln Restaurant and Pancake house. Back past […]

Kodak – Sheet Film Code Notches

Code Notches for KODAK Sheet Films Found this great document when trying to determine the film type from 1995 my Ektachrome business cards. I created the cards in Corel Paint (had layers before Photoshop!) and output them from a Gateway PC to an 8×10 Management Graphics sheet film scanner shooting onto Kodak Ektachrome 100 plus. Interesting as […]

Paint.Net – Free Image and Photo editor

Paint.Net is an excellent free image editing program for Windows. Released in 2004 as a school project the program has grown steadily over the years into an excellent mid-range image editing program supporting layers, effects, transparency and more. It’s what I use for creating documentation, basic web graphics and quick basic image editing. Perfect when […]

A Conversation: Jerry Uelsmann and James Estrin –

Indiana University Graduate – Jerry Uelsmann, Before Photoshop allowed image makers to bend reality to their will with a single keystroke there was Jerry Uelsmann. He created surreal images the hard way — not with digital shortcuts, but working in a darkroom with seven enlargers and multiple negatives. Now that’s layers. via A Conversation: Jerry Uelsmann […]

Dublin Ride

Dublin Ride to Howth

Spent five days in Dublin for work, had Sunday off and went for a ride! Similar to an epic ride in San Francisco I followed the strict regime of staying up late for  intensive liquid carbo loading, getting up early and hitting the most local looking hip bike rental shop. That would be Neill’s Wheels in […]

Windows Movie Maker 2.6 – Windows 7

Stumped by limitations of Windows Movie Maker Live I went in search of an alternate free video editing program. Lo and behold I found an old friend.  Microsoft had stopped development of Windows Movie Maker after Windows Vista so I hadn’t used it in a few years. Microsoft had moved Movie Maker, Email, Messenger and Photo Gallery to a new web based collection […]

Going to California – on a big jet plane…


Photo log of a two week trip to deploy our 8th grade Algebra book on iPads. 400 devices deployed for a one year pilot in Riverside, Fresno, Long Beach and San Francisco. First ever Algebra book on a mobile device. I Left my family on a holiday for the two week trip. Started media events in […]

Starved Rock

Took a trip to Starved Rock Illinois for Eagle Watching Weekend. Absolutely beautiful hiking the trails with ice frosted tree branches and cold crisp air, but alas the generally warm Winter had left enough of the river unfrozen that the Bald Eagles did not need to flock to the openings in the ice created by […]

Got Wheels?

Originally uploaded by rappensuncle An awesome Flickr photoset by Rappensuncle – Got Wheels?

New Lens

Got a new lens for my Nikon D70. 70-300mm f/4-5.6G AF Zoom-Nikkor A very nice lens for the money. Review – Ken

Illegal File Name – Compact Flash card

When taking pictures my Nikon D90’s display had flashed that the card needed to be formatted “frm”. I’ve seen this before and simply power off the camera, then reset the card and all is well. I continued shooting and all was good but what I didn’t know is all images on the card prior to […]

2007 USPro Criterium Championship

Chicago has been a little Seattle of late – wet. Very wet. Mow the lawn in August wet. No scorched earth anywhere to be found wet. The USPro Crit weekend was no different. Wet and wild. The rain let up for the pro race but was steady, As were the crashes. The field slowly shrunk […]

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Tour of Elk Grove

Tested out my new Nikon Zoom lens at stage 1 and 2 of the Tour of Elk Grove. Chris Horner and Fast Freddie Rodriguez from team Predictor Lotto were in attendance plus all the top US pros. See the pics!

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Our three teenage boys Jacob, Adam and Ezra (no it was not a religious mission) passed through O’Hare International airport security at 2:20am on their way to three weeks in Guatemala. Two weeks to the day later we found ourselves passing through O’hare security at the exact same time. All ten of us bound for […]

Little 500 – 2007

I hadn’t seen but one Little 500 race in the 20 years since I had ridden – 20th anniversary for Team Posers! An old teammate got me an infield pass (Nice!!) and I just happened to have a brand new lens for my camera to go with the unbelievably perfect weather. 2007 Little 500 Photos […]

The Bean

It changes people with it’s presence. I think they should send it around the world. Maybe if Bush/Cheney rubbed it like Woody we would all be good. Bean pics from 01-20-2007