King Poser – Commuter Training

If your day to day lets you come home from work and put in two hours of riding… I’m jealous and, you’re not a Poser. For the rest of us – lets go hammer some stoplights!

Monday – Day off. Walk around the office pretending not to be totally wasted from yesterdays race. Hangovers are acceptable even a badge of honor in some places but folks just can’t figure sweat on the forehead, fatigue, and dehydration when it doesn’t involve alcohol.

Tuesday – Short bursts, sprints. Power hills if you got em, power out of stop signs (mini Mosers – Mosers = power a large gear from a dead stop up to a sprint), sprint against cars or messengers, draft anything you can latch onto. No long efforts unless you feel good.

Wednesday – Long steady or whatever the hell you want/need/feel.
Take a longer route if you can.

Thursday – Try to keep a high steady pace. Steady accelerations whenever pace is broken. Take a longer route if you can.

Friday – Easy day, try to keep below 80% effort, unless of course you need to dispatch some Triathletes or chase down a “hey faggot” redneck.


King Poser

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