King Poser – Drafting vehicles (poor mans motorpace)

If your team has a van, you’re not a Poser.

  • Thumbs up is the universal ‘increase the speed’ sign
  • Always upgrade if your tow is going to slow
  • Don’t draft cabs except on the swing side (left)
  • Don’t draft police vehicles (hey it was fun while it lasted!)
  • Downhill drafting is extremely dangerous, but mandatory. The hill mutants in Indiana who normally throw beers at me would gladly tow me up to very high speeds with an ear to ear grin. Guess I was lucky they never slammed on the breaks.
  • At intersections be aware that others aren’t exactly expecting you to be latched onto the back of the car they plan on cutting in behind.
  • Vans rock
  • Volvo wagons rock
  • Buses suck, except in the country when they don’t stop often

King Poser

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