King Poser – Drafting Vehicles (poor mans motorpace)

If your team has a motorbike for speed work, you’re not a Poser.

  • Thumbs up is the universal ‘increase the speed’ sign
  • Always upgrade to the next car if your tow is going slow
  • Don’t draft cabs except on the swing side (left)
  • Don’t draft police vehicles (hey it could be fun!)
  • Downhill drafting is dangerous, but mandatory. The hill mutants in Indiana who normally throw beer bottles or firewood at me would gladly tow me up to very high speed with a big grin. Guess I was lucky they never slammed on the breaks.
  • At intersections be aware that others aren’t exactly expecting you to be latched onto the back of the car they plan on cutting in behind.
  • Vans rock
  • Volvo wagons rock
  • Buses suck, except in the country when they don’t stop often

Draft me yo!

King Poser

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