King Poser – Bike Commuters survival guide

King Posers Commuting survival guide
I’ve been commuting since I was a wee lad washing dishes for movie money. Over the last ten years I’ve been commuting between fifteen and forty miles a day in the wonderfully cycling unfriendly city of Chicago Illinois (don’t believe the hype). Commuting has served as my core training for over ten years.

The info and stories below are garnered from my experiences and insights, messengers and the local cycling freakerazi.


  • Cars always win
  • Treat everyone as if they may be armed
  • Always wave at or disregard angry motorists
  • If you must confront, dismount!
  • Remember you may be wearing cleats (great for kicking, suck for running)
  • When a Police officer lets you know you are wasting their time by filing a report, let them know that you have been thinking of mounting a shotgun on your bars.

Don’t like flats? – The Chris Powell solution

  • 25c Conti’s and pink Mr. Tuffies
  • I got a year and half out of this combo before I had to switch tires. NEVER had a flat, not one, none (sidewalls died)
  • Make sure the Tuffy is inserted correctly! If it’s not centered the sharp edges may cut/rub through your tube.

Simple Tricks

  • Always carry a dollar bill for sidewall or tread rips (clincher people)
  • Use Quick Release skewers as tire levers
  • Fill Allen bolts with Silicone to ward off component thieves
  • Do Not lock your bike to movable objects (meters, light poles, street signs, news boxes…)

Commute me yo!

King Poser

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