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Cyclocross – always one of my favorite cycling disciplines.
I’ve tried some stupid things in my quest for cyclocross success. There was the year I commuted on a fixed gear for 200 miles a week for a month prepping for the state championship. Or the year I did nothing but spin a mountain bike to work and back at 100 plus rpm for two months. Don’t ask, but if you must it’s commuter training… Last year I tried a new approach and in what is probably a combination of luck and coincidence, I won the ABR Illinois State Masters CycloCross title. My one and only state title. Here’s the training the six guys I beat wished they’d used, the King Poser method!

Graham Fisk - Graham Fisk - ABR Illinois State Masters Cyclocross Champ
Graham Fisk – ABR Illinois State Masters Cyclocross Champ
  • When the road season ends I begin one off road ride a week
  • No rides over two hours
  • Lots of power mixed with serious anaerobic efforts
  • At the end of my daily commute rides I did pushups (2×10)
  • For one month before the State Champs I did two off road rides a week
  • Each off road ride was between 1 and 1.5 hours of hard effort
  • 20 minutes road, 30-50 minutes off road, 20 minutes road, I ride to and from the Des Planes River trail in the Chicago burbs. Excellent cross type trails.
  • At the end of each ride I did two sets of push ups, two sets of sit ups and ran 5-7 minutes.
  • Cumulative workout never over 2 hours

I never felt stronger, the push ups, sit ups and running gave me a new feeling of total power. I would have loved to be doing crits in that shape!

Give me the training yo!

King Poser

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